Daniele Marinelli is founder and CEO of DT Socialize Holding, which was initially created to bring together the companies that are part of the DTCircle ecosystem. Daniele Marinelli is also the creator of DT Coin, the token of DTCircle ecosystem that he wants to be complementary to fiat currency and expendable in a circuit of businesses, physically and online, as well as to be used in user loyalty programs. Daniele has repeatedly reiterated in the press that the fundamental mission of his companies is to create a global community of users whose privacy is protected thanks to the ideas he has developed and then transformed into services and products for the community. 

“I started from acknowledging how personal data released online was being exploited often without user awareness, for marketing and profiling purposes. Now many more people realize how big companies make money on data but my idea has been for several years to create an ecosystem to offer a reward to those who decide to release their data to be aggregated into Big Data. My concept of Big Data by the way is “ethical” i.e., it does not allow direct profiling of the individual user, resulting in the bombardment of more or less targeted advertisements, but it’s aggregate only for statistical and market research purposes. This is what we already do today, an activity that will grow more and more as the number of people in the community grows and as the services we offer grow in number, “ said Daniele Marinelli, who continued, “the goal of DT Socialize Holding is to offer the entire community a different shopping experience, whether it is related to pure tech services or fintech services.” But there is much more: the stated goal is to access a myriad of services with a single digital id that also brings users into the metaverse, seen as a place to create a user experience of excellence while finding easily everything one needs: from shopping to college education, from libraries to concerts, and opening up the opportunity for those who cannot move due to economic or disability issues to experience the world in its entirety. In fact, Marinelli has been working on the metaverse for two years, well before the recent announcements about Meta that brought the metaverse under the spotlight, and he recently launched his Umetaworld with an online event that involved more than 400,000 users and was the starting point for the ongoing IBCO. 

We think it is important to emphasize that the metaverse that Daniele Marinelli is working on is not just about gaming but it’s a faithful replica of the real world and that it makes the metaverse more credible as an evolution of the web and as a place to open up to a world of new opportunities.

Recently, DT Socialize Holding also issued a press release titled “DTSCB presents Custody PRO Exchange” to announce the acquisition of MIO PAYMENTS inc.. Daniele Marinelli commented on the news reiterating the ease of use, maximum security and adherence to current legislation of the Custody PRO exchange.

DTSCB presents Custody PRO Exchange

Just a few weeks ago, DT Socialize Holding (CEO and founder Daniele Marinelli) confirmed the MIO PAYMENTS INC. acquisition. Thanks to this acquisition, “Custody PRO Exchange,” the new service of DTSCB, FinTech company that offers a wide range of financial services, is now available. The Custody PRO Exchange enables the instant crypto to fiat / fiat to crypto exchanging in addition to the exchange of fiat currencies. Furthermore users can choose DTSCB to get dedicated Iban, dedicated cards, trust custody accounts, and crypto payments (for crypto spending with cards). “This new service is the best plus for all the customers who want to exchange cryptocurrencies easily and safely,” Daniele Marinelli said, highlighting how this new entry simply testifies the company goal to meet all the customers’ financial needs staying compliant with the current regulation. “Today we made an additional step toward satisfying our community’s needs,” he concluded.